Join us for a Summer Sound Meditation


Join us on August 13th from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm for an unforgettable experience. $35 per person and you will be guided into complete relaxation through soothing movements and sounds.

Prepare for complete relaxation! This 90-minute dual workshop experience brings yoga and sound together to create a serene environment where you can explore a deep state of relaxation to bring about balance and peace.
We’ll start with a gentle yoga flow using a series of slow, graceful movements to help busy minds quiet and muscle tension release. Focused breathing techniques combine with yoga poses allowing a tranquil start to your relaxation journey.
Then, settle into savasana and prepare to experience a heightened state of relaxation through Sound Meditation. Feel yourself slip into a peaceful, meditative state
as the calming sound waves of crystal & Himalayan singing bowls, bells, chimes, and vocal tones surround you.
Participants are encouraged to dress in comfortable clothing.
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