Bob Sima at Shakti Studio – an amazing program!

Shakti Studio is extremely happy to welcome Bob Sima for his amazing musical workshop and concert.  This is a special program that will be enjoyed by all ~ please take a moment to check out his website and register for this first time event at Shakti.


Bob Sima Full Body Musical Experience & Concert!

September 10, 2016
Kickoff Shakti Studio’s Fall 2016 re-VITAL-ization Program

Spend the day with us getting centered, setting intentions for the autumn transition, and letting loose with two different doses of musical medicine. Start the afternoon with a musical chakra balancing and close the evening with a concert.

This will kickoff Shakti’s Revitalization Program, starting with a week of free yoga classes from Sep 11th – 17th.

**We would greatly appreciate pre-registration so we know how to arrange the room for both events!**

Full Body Music Experience Workshop: 1-4 pm $40.00
You will be guided on a personal inner journey through a combination of guided meditation, breathwork, sound, and a blanket of songs that will weave a story through your 7 major chakra centers. *Please honor start time.

CONCERT: 7-9 pm $20.00

*Combination price to attend BOTH events: $50


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