Ayurveda 101: Abhyanga, the care & feeding of the skin


th-2 copyOur newest Ayurvedic workshop is all about the care and feeding of your skin with a wonderful self oiling massage practice that is sure to delight your senses and leave you feeling renewed and nourished.  Chris & Maddie will blend the world of Ayurveda and Essential oils to bring you the best in this practice.  You will also be making your own dosha specific oil to bring home and continue this important Ayurvedic routine for your daily self care.

Sunday, February 28th  1 – 4pm

Investment in your health: $40 pre-registration, $50 at the door

“The purpose of Ayurvedic daily oil massage, also called abhyanga, as part of the daily routine is to assist in preventing the accumulation of physiological imbalances and to lubricate and promote flexibility of the muscles, tissues, and joints.”

In this workshop you’ll learn everything you need to know to establish a regular self-oil massage practice. You’ll also make and take your own dosha specific oil using doTERRA essential oils in a sesame oil base.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring an old towel and socks. We’ll be doing a simple yoga practice and oiling our feet and hands.

Chris Lean, AYS, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, E-RYT, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher & Maddie Jones, doTERRA Essential Oils Advocate & Educator,  RYT Registered Yoga Teacher

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