Tending to Your Heart

imageFebruary is National Heart Month. What exactly does that mean? Originally, it was created to bring awareness to the physical health of our heart. What foods are we eating? How much are we exercising? What are the symptoms of heart attack, etc.?

I believe it also needs to address the emotional or energetic heart. How much love do we feel for ourselves and others? How much do we nurture our own love and the love of others? How can love open us to great possibilities or restrict us from our greatest selves?

I’m reminded of my teacher, Yoga Rupa Rod Stryker, and his teachings of understanding and following our heart’s desire. He wrote a book about this journey called the 4 Desires, which helps guide you in a process of looking at uncovering our heart’s desires. Not always an easy task, but totally worth doing to fulfill your life calling.

So ask yourself, are you heart healthy? And what exactly does that mean to you? Maybe you need to exercise more to take care of your physical heart, which is very important. But maybe you need to look at your heart’s desires, the love that can bring you to your deepest Self. Then you can truly say you are fully addressing our heart’s health.


-Sue Schmitt


Photo credit: Free Grunge Textures – http://www.freestock.ca / Foter / CC BY

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