Brain Gym

imageStress affects children and adults ability to learn and live with ease and joy by blocking brain/body function access. Brain Gym aims to unblock those stressed neuropathways, making one’s living skills easier and more fun, through access to whole brain function.

Come to our introductory 2 hour Brain Gym workshop this Sat, Aug 3rd, and learn how Smart Movements and stress-free rather than stress-based living can effectively and quickly improve brain organization as needed for enhancing functional performance. Learn to more freely identify signs of stress by attending to your thoughts, emotions and/or sensations. It will help people with challenges with attention focus, concentration, communication issues, motor coordination (awkwardness, clumsiness), sensory overload, processing speed, tendency to be explosive or oversensitive to criticism, poor clarity of thinking and more.

We look forward to helping you tap in your potential with ease and fun! Denise Figueiredo, OTR/L – Brain Gym Instructor and Consultant


“The class gives a clear perspective on how we need to work with children, their families, and teachers. It gives a better/clearer understanding of why some people/children have difficulty changing habits or learning new skills. Taking BG 101 a second time has improved my ability to use Balances for myself, my family, and the students/staff I work with.” Kerry Viardo, Occupational Therapist, QAC Infants and Toddler

“Although skeptical at first, I will tell others that it works! Brain Gym exercises mind and body so they are one. Helps you utilize all your brain. It gave me insight to myself. Allowed me to relax. Gave me opportunities to see the process and how it works. I like the hands-on demonstrations on children (in the 3-Day class), so you could see the change and also how to put it in practice.” T.R.
“Fabulous – you should do it. It is not only beneficial for clients but personally as well. Great info to help so many people in need.” Pat Fasick, Occupational Therapist
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