Yoga Health Benefits for Women ~ Pranayama

Photo by Alina McElroy

Photo by Alina McElroy

Yesterday I discussed Asana (physical postures) and its health benefits. Today I’d like to focus on Pranayama (breath control).

Exercises in breath control, such as 3 part breath, breath retention and alternate nostril breathing, deliberate methods of inhalation and exhalation for specific mental and physical benefits are called Pranayama. This measured and careful practice brings focus to our breathing. Doing so also brings increased awareness and connection to our body as well as our mind. It is what deepens our yoga practice and decreases our stress.

Additional Pranayama benefits:

  • Used as a therapeutic tool for managing anxiety, depression, sluggishness, etc.
  • Assists with balancing the para-sympathetic and sympathetic nervous system to create greater ease and well being
  • Deepens our awareness to everyday breathing patterns, helping us develop quality breathing through out the day.
  • It is our link between our mind and our bodies, thus helping us stay present, more focused, and relaxed, allowing us to enjoy life!

Check in tomorrow to learn about the benefits of meditation!

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