Thoughts on meditation by Chris Kelley

I went to a Tenzi practice at a local Catholic church recently, a practice made even more special because my parents were with me. It was quite beautiful, and it brought back so many memories of sitting in church on a Sunday morning with my younger brothers. We would goof around until one of our parents would shoot us a look and then separate us.

Completely bored and resigned, I’d sit. With no place to run and nothing to occupy me, I’d scan the congregation for kids from class, and then I would replay the weeks events in my head. When my mind would finally settle, I would simply enjoy the comfort of being with my family, I could smell the cologne from my fathers’s suit, and the way my mother would quietly entertain my youngest brother. It was then that I would let the world go and settle into my space. I was meditating and I didn’t even realize it. I was simply being quiet in church.

My friend Sue thinks I was born a Buddhist. At our teacher trainings, I’d gravitate toward any practice that included quieting and settling down. I guess it is in my nature – and the nature of that little girl in the pew at church.

I have not only found meditation to be helpful in my life, I am passionate about it. And I love the practice of meditation, especially in a community space. Shakti Studio is just such a space. It has given me a place to put my cushion, in fact and in spirit.

I invite you to join me in the lap of Shakti Studio for four meditation practices. I invite you to become part of the community that will support you in your meditation.

During the week of October 28 to November 3, we will practice a different form of meditation during each session. Please plan on attending the first and last practice and either or both Tuesday and Thursday meditations. The price is $80.00.

I hope you can join me and find time for what comes naturally when you take away distractions ~ peace.

Sunday 10/28 2-4 pm ~ guided meditation
Tuesday 10/30 2-3:30 ~ meditation for emotions
Thursday 11/1 7:45-9:00 pm ~ mantra meditation
Saturday 11/3 2-4 pm ~ overview, practice

To register, call Shakti Studio @ 410-757-8272 or email Chris Kelley at

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