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Welcome to Shakti Studio, located in Annapolis, MD on the Broadneck Peninsula!

At Shakti you will find the space to restore yourself, to breathe and to reconnect to your deeper self.

Gift Certificates available.  Stop in and purchase one today!


Don’t Miss Our Special Events

*2 amazing programs with Bob Sima Saturday September 10th*

 A Day of Musical Atunement with Bob Sima – September 10th

unnamed-16Full Body Musical Experience 1-4 pm $40.00 Workshop

   Consciousness in Concert  7-9 pm $20.00

 Enjoy both workshop and concert for $50.00.  Register      through Bob Sima at http://tinyurl.com/SimaAtShakti

FREE WEEK OF CLASSES September 11-17, 2016

Join us as we kick off Shakti’s Fall re-Vitalization with special events and a FREE week of classes.

All classes on the schedule will be available and FREE.  Please share this with all your friends! We want to share our gifts and teachings with you!

Some of our NEW programs starting this fall

Yoga for Mobility – mini session with Ruthie O’herir

Chakra Series – mini session with Kim Rich Simon

Fall Rejuvenation with Chris Lean

Chakradance with Donna Walter

Much more coming ~ stay tune!



imageShakti Studio offers a variety of yoga, tai chi, meditation mind body fitness, and Ayurvedic classes, workshops and retreats designed to tap into your vibrant self, your unique energy, and release your amazing potential! We offer teachings to people of all ages and abilities.

Our studio is all about building community and supporting students where they are.  As a boutique studio, you will receive excellent teachings, individual attention, and an experience unique to this studio.

Shakti: Creative Energy ~ Driving Force Behind All Change ~ Empowerment

At Shakti you come into alignment with what is most harmonious with your body’s true capacities. We offer yoga classes for creating health and wellness and moving in the world with grace. Contact us for more information on how Shakti can improve your well being at 410-757-8272 or shakti.studio.annapolis@gmail.com.

About Sue Schmitt, Owner of Shakti Studio

imageSue’s dream of offering a variety of movement programs to all ages and abilities has been realized through her well-known Annapolis studio. Sue’s philosophy has always been a healthy body is one that moves….movement is life. Bringing people together to enjoy the bliss of moving their bodies, keeping people active allowing everyone to age gracefully, is reflected in her students’ desire to create vibrant bodies and vibrant minds through traditional yoga and mind body fitness for wellness and spirit. Sue lives in Cape St. Claire and has been a yoga practitioner and teacher for over 15 years, and a health and wellness professional for over 25 years.

Movement for Healthy and Vibrant Bodies. Yoga for Healthy and Vibrant Minds.

17 Responses to About Shakti

  1. Sylvia Lee Bongers says:

    Please pray for Marcia Luke who took a fall last night and broke her knee cap. She will have to have surgery next week. Hugs, Sylvia Bongers

  2. Zenaida V. Dorsey says:

    I already purchased 5 classes through Amazon and I would like to start next Tuesday at 6:30 pm. I tried to log it into your Webpage without success. I should I do?

  3. what time are the classes?

    • Good morning ~ the class schedule can be found when you click on the class schedule tab (on the actual tab, not on the drop down menu) which will take you to a link for our class lists in our new computer system where you can register now online. Thanks for your interest.

  4. Karen Kennedy says:

    My girlfriend and I signed up for yoga classes and we would like to start coming on Saturday, (1/24) and would like to know what time your class starts? Also, do I need to go into your site to sign up for any class or can we just show up?

  5. Sorry for late response – we do not have any mommy and baby classes on the schedule at this time. Thank you for your interest.

  6. Dawn says:

    Hi- I wanted to come Thursday morning for the beginners class, weather permitting. I have an Amazon voucher and don’t see how to sign up without paying. Help?

    • HI Dawn

      Please come to the class on thursday morning, bring your voucher, and the teacher will get you registered. Our computer system is having trouble recognizing the Amazon vouchers online. Thank you

  7. Nikki says:

    I’m new to yoga and would like to try some classes at your studio. Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

  8. Jessie DeMunda says:

    Hi there – I purchased an $18 – 1 class pass for this past Sunday but was not able to go. Can I use that towards another 90 minute class?

  9. Serena Boyd says:

    I signed up for the October 23 Bob Sigma event and now realize I have another commitment for that day. 🙁Can I cancel my registration?

    Serena Boyd

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